Liane Little and The 365 Stories Project

I am a self-published author from Edmonton, Alberta. I just can’t help myself from writing! First books and now flash fiction, which allows me to get smaller story ideas out of my busy head.

I’ve decided to put this to good use by creating The 365 Stories Project. The plan is to post one piece of piece of short or flash fiction every day for the next year. Most will be 1000 words or under, easy reads.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be working on my novels too, but this will give everyone little nibbles while I am.

Enjoy and remember that I love feedback! Please feel free to comment on any of my work, good or bad.

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July 10, 2011 8:17 pm

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Happy reading everyone!

May 8, 2011 11:38 pm


everyminuteisamile-deactivated2: Thank you :) that actually really helped.
I'm really nervous about writing this so I just need all the advice I can get aha. I looked at the synopsis of your novel Kendra and it looks really good, I'm thinking of buying a copy. Good luck with your 365 stories project.

I’m glad it helped. Don’t be too nervous about it. Just have fun with it.

I hope you give Kendra a chance. I think it’s something that I would read even if I hadn’t have written it lol. There’s a coupon this month for a discount on the electronic version at smashwords, if you’d like to use it. It’s in a post on here in a post ‘A Coupon For My Readers’ and it expired June 7th.

And thank you for the luck! I can’t seem to come up with short stories for the past while so the project kind of flopped, but that’s alright. I still had a great time. Some were really good and funny.

I hope you had a terrific weekend and if you need any more help please let me know!

May 7, 2011 8:45 pm


everyminuteisamile-deactivated2: My internet died half way through my post, so I don't know if it sent or not, but I really wanted to ask this so I decided to send it again. My apologies if you get it twice, I don't want you to think I'm bombarding you.
I'm currently beginning to write a novel myself and this is my first time. I've done short stories before, but never anything as lengthy as a 'proper novel'. I was wondering, how do you manage to write a book without rushing in to everything really quickly? For example, how would you make the process of a boy and girl deciding to like each other after meeting more 'lengthy'? I'm worried that I might jump in to things too fast in my books, it's a habit I'd like to break before it starts. I'd really appreciate the advice if you can answer my question?

Oooh…. That’s a toughy. Just remember I’ve only done two books and am far from a genius in this area…. :) I’ll do my best though.

Basically, it depends on what you’re planning to do with the plot, how long the book is, (in the case of your example) what kind of relationship they’re going to have. Is is a love at first sight thing or a slow realization?

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong for this. If it doesn’t work for the story as a whole, it’s wrong, if it does work, it’s right and you’re laughing.

What I would do is finish your draft and see how long it’s roughly going to be. Give the novel a good read-through and see if it seems to speedy then and try to add a few parts to make it slow down. Maybe describe in more how infatuated the boy was with her but couldn’t get up the nerve to ask her out or how she was in love with him at first sight, but had to convince him to give her a chance.

If it seems to slow, go in and remove parts of it that aren’t necessary to the complete story, which hopefully will speed it up a little bit. You can also add sections that have more action, too.

A good thing to do is look at it as a whole first and then go on a smaller scale and look at each chapter. Try to keep the action consistent (this is something I think I have an issue with,too).

I hope this helps! If you have more questions, please let me know. I’d be happy to help.

8:21 pm


yourfavouritescarf: Thank you so much for the message! And thank you for the name of the book. I'm actually wanting to create cameos based on a couple of friends, so that pattern would be a great base to work with~ I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to find a pattern and I wasn't looking forward to patterning it entirely myself, so I really appreciate the book recommendation. You're very welcome for the reblog, it's a beautiful piece of work. And I hope you're having a good weekend too! <3

You’re welcome :) I know how hard it is to find patterns sometimes. It’s like every time you want something specific, it’s exactly what’s impossible to find lol. I’m glad I could help you out.

Happy stitching!

12:26 pm

A Coupon For My Readers (Not a story)

I would like to thank everyone that has been following this blog. It means a lot that so many people enjoy my work. Unfortunately, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve hit a short story dry spell and haven’t come out with anything new for quite a while.

As an apology for falling so far behind, as well as a token of my appreciation to all of you, I’ve created a 50% off coupon for my novel, Kendra, which is available on Smashwords. Feel free to click on the link and use the coupon code below to get your copy for only $3.50. The coupon will expire on June 7, 2011.

Also, this coupon is not limited to my followers. If you know anyone who would be interested, you’re more than welcome to pass it along.

Thank you again and keep your eye on this blog for new projects and updates!

Coupon code: YD38A

Get your copy of Kendra for only $3.50

February 18, 2011 9:01 pm


It wasn’t that far. Just a few feet, really, between her car and office door. Penny sighed, wondering how she was going to manage the short, yet treacherous journey between the two.

The sidewalk was crusted with ice at least an inch thick. It was shimmering ominously in the early morning light.

She squared her shoulders with determination and set to walking across the mini-skating rink gingerly, holding her take-out coffee cup ahead of her to avoid spilling the precious brew all over her freshly washed jacket.

The next thing she remembered, Penny was being shaken awake by her co-worker. “Penny! Penny! Are you alright!”

Penny looked around and saw that she had ended up falling on the slick sidewalk. Apparently she had done a good enough job of it to knock herself out and was sprawled this way and that. One foot was even in the snowbank to the side.

Her co-worker helped her up. “At least you managed to save you coffee,” he said optimistically.

He was right, Penny noticed. She lifted her arm to see her coffee cup was still clenched tightly in her fist.

More importantly, not a drop was missing.

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February 16, 2011 4:53 pm


“This is taking too long,” he muttered.

The house was dark as he rummaged through yet another drawer, searching for something that did not want to be found. There were drawers pulled out, contents strewn across the floor along with whatever had been on top of the small desk in the entry way.

He had been told it was there, so why couldn’t he find it? He needed to find it.

He was seconds away from smashing something, anything in frustration when his phone trilled in his pocket. He flipped it open and snapped, “What?”

“Hey buddy. How’s it going?”

“Not too well. I can’t find it.”

“Yeah. There’s a problem. It turns out I forgot to leave my keys for you to borrow my car. They’re in my pocket.”

He squeezed the phone in his hand. “Thanks for letting me know,” he replied through clenched teeth. “I’ll call a cab.”

While he waited for his taxi, all he could think of was that he would never schedule meetings again on the promise that he would be able to borrow a friends car while he was on vacation.

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February 15, 2011 2:30 am


Miguel surveyed his surroundings as he crouched in the bushes in his own backyard. “Just because no one is around, don’t get overconfident,” he reminded himself.

He was on a mission. He could even see his goal from where he hid. He hated to think of what he was about to do to his neighbours. They had never been anything but kind to him, and here he was about to steal the one thing that mattered most to him.

“Never mind that,” he grumbled, dead-set on getting what he came for.

Jealousy had reared its ugly head just a few weeks before. The neighbours had finally shown off the new addition, a lovely girl. Miguel and his wife had spent years trying, to no avail. They had long since given up, but upon seeing the neighbours parading her around, there was nothing else Miguel could do to make his wife smile again than take her for themselves.

He tiptoed slowly to the house. All the lights were dim and the house itself was utterly silent. Being friends, Miguel knew that they rarely locked the sliding door that led to their backyard. True to this, Miguel was able to slid it open easily and without having to break the glass or jimmy a lock.

As quietly as he could, Miguel made his way to the nursery. There, he gazed down at the beauty for a few moments, in one way congratulating himself on a job well done, despite the fact that it was not yet done, and wishing that he were a strong enough man to resist the temptation.

Ignoring that wish, he picked her up and returned the way that he had come, cradling her as gently as he could. He was almost at the door when the lights flicked on, blinding him. He tripped over his own two feet and dropped her with a loud smash.

“What are you doing, Miguel?”

“I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it! I wanted her so badly. So did my wife. We’ve been trying so long!”

“It’s just an orchid! If you had just asked, I would have gave you a seedling. We have plenty.”

Miguel lowered his head sadly. Roots exposed and dirt everywhere, it nearly broke his heart to see what he had done to the spellbinding and gorgeous flower.

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12:32 am

The Dinner Party

Katherine glanced at the clock as she put the final touches on the centrepiece. It was lovely. She was sure all of her guests would appreciate all of the hard work she had put into making the housewarming party a success.

She’d lived in the house for just over a month already, but hadn’t wanted everyone to see it messy and in absolute disarray so she’d waited until everything was unpacked and all of the boxes recycled before she had decided to have the party. The invitations had been mailed the previous week and all of the appetizers, individual desserts and dinner itself was currently all ready. All that was waiting were the guests.

The new grandfather clock chimed seven, the hour specified on the handwritten invitations. Katherine took off her apron and put it to the side, brushing the faint wrinkles out of her shirt and pants before going and standing near the door.

An hour later, she was sitting on the stairs to the second floor with a tray of cheese and crackers in her lap, still waiting for anyone to arrive.

Still later, she had added a bottle of wine.

Finally having enough, Katherine picked up the phone and dialled her closest friend. “Where are you? Aren’t you coming to the party?”

“Party? What party?” Her friend was completely bewildered.

“My housewarming party! I sent you an invitation early last week.”

“Oh, I didn’t get one. I’m so sorry!. I’ll come over right now, though.”

Katherine sighed. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Katherine gazed around her decorated main floor glumly and began to put everything away. Such a waste, she thought as she was forced to throw out at least a few trays of food. They wouldn’t fit in the fridge for eating later.

The morning came and with it a small hangover. She groaned as the doorbell chimed, setting of splinters of pain behind her eyes. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” she grumbled as she stumbled to the door. “What?”

The postman stood looking bored on her doorstep. “You Katherine Germaine?”


“Sign here.”

He handed her a small clipboard which she signed quickly and he handed her a huge stack of envelopes. Katherine thanked him and went to the kitchen with the stack in hand.

By the time she got there, her face was red with humiliation and anger. She’d forgotten to put stamps on all of the painstakingly hand-made invitations. No wonder no one showed up for the party!

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February 13, 2011 11:42 pm

The Line Up

Kayla stood at the back of the line, the amazingly long line. She’d been there for a good half-hour already and there was no way she was going to be out of there for at least another three full hours.

She sighed and shifted her weight from foot to foot, hoping they wouldn’t be too sore later on. She still had laundry, housecleaning and grocery shopping to do. The best she could hope for was that she would at least get the last item on her list finished.

Kayla sighed again. Just when she was about to grab an organizer and ask how much longer it was going to be, there was a startling roar coming from behind.

Turning, Kayla saw a monstrous werewolf bolting down the hallway, not caring who was in its way or who got hurt. One after another those behind her fell screaming, some in agony and some in pure shock.

It quickly blew past her and continued on its way until the entire line was decimated. The werewolf stopped at the ticket window and snarled at the lady behind. The woman, no knowing what to do threw her hands up and fled out the back way.

Just when the wolf turned and started sizing her up, Kayla heard her name being called over and over again.

“Kayla. Kayla?” Her friend was trying to get her attention.

She shook her head of the daydream and answered, “What?”

“What are you dreaming about. Looked good.”

The line moved up an inch. “Just wishing it was a full moon. Then we could get our tickets a lot faster.”

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